The existence and mission of MVR evaporator

MVR evaporator is a new type of high-efficiency and energy-saving evaporation equipment mainly used in the pharmaceutical industry. The equipment uses low-temperature and low-pressure steaming technology and clean energy to generate steam as energy to separate the water in the medium. It is an internationally advanced evaporation technology. It is an upgraded product that replaces the traditional evaporator.

MVR evaporator is different from ordinary single-effect falling film or multi-effect falling film evaporator. MVR is a monomer evaporator, which integrates multi-effect falling film evaporator. When the required concentration cannot be reached after the first pass through the effect body, the product will be pumped to the upper part of the effect body through the external pipeline of the effect body through the vacuum pump at the bottom of the effect body after leaving the effect body, and then pass through the effect body again and again through this repeated passage Effect body to achieve the required concentration.
The inside of the effect body is an array of thin tubes, the inside of the tube is product, and the outside is steam. During the flow of the product from top to bottom, the product flows in a film form due to the increase in the area of the tube to increase the heated area. Negative pressure is formed in the body to reduce the boiling point of the water in the product, thereby achieving concentration, and the product evaporation temperature is about 60°C.

■ Low energy consumption per unit
■ The product evaporates mildly due to the low temperature difference
■ Due to the common single effect, the product residence time is short
■ Simple process and strong practicability
■ Excellent partial load operation characteristics
■ Low operating cost

Post time: Aug-29-2020